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Co-op is an experiential learning program that allows students to integrate classroom study with experiences in the workplace.

A co-op course must be based on a “related” course (or courses) in which the student is enrolled or which s/he has successfully completed. The co-op course and the related course together constitute a student’s co-op program, designed to suit the student’s strengths, interests and needs to enhance the student’s preparation for the future.

Co-op involves a partnership between education and business consisting of students, parents, teachers and employers. Students may spend half a day to a full day in their work placements and have the opportunity to learn by “doing” with on-the-job training. Pre-placement and integration classes also provide the student with instruction on topics such as Workplace Health and Safety, Employment Laws, Workplace Ethics, Human Rights and Effective Communication.

Learn more about Co-op Education by visiting the School to Careers website!

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