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CWDHS technology department

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CWDHS Course Path

Tech at CWDHS: Preparing for the future

Here at CWDHS we have a knowledgeable group of tech teachers who make up a wide variety of trades-based courses. Real life experiences can be had in: auto mechanics, agriculture, metal manufacturing, construction, woodworking, forestry, cooking, baking, landscaping, robotics, computer software and hardware engineering and technology design.

Grade 9

TEJ1O – Introduction to computer technology

TMJ1O – Exploring Manufacturing Technology

TIJ1O – Integrated Technologies

TFJ1O – Hospitality & Tourism

Grade 10

TDJ2O – Intro to digital design

TCJ2O – Construction

TTJ2O – Transportation Technology

TTJ2O – Small Engines

TMJ2O – Manufacturing Tech

TFJ2O – Hospitality & Tourism

Grade 11

TDJ3O – Technological Design and the Environment

TEJ2O – Exploring Computer Technology

TEJ3M – Computer Engineering Technology

TEJ3E – Computers in the workplace

TGI3M – Software Engineering

TDJ3M – Tech Design

TDJ4M – Tech Design

TMR3M – Robotics

TCJ3E – Construction Technology

TWJ3E – Custom Woodworking

TMJ3E – Manufacturing Technology (Workplace Level)

TMJ3C – Manufacturing Technology (College Level)

TTJ3O – Transportation Technology – Vehicle Ownership

TTJ3CD – Transportation Technology – Auto Service

TTS3C – Transportation Technology – Small Engines

THJ3M – Green Industries – Forestry/Agriculture/Landscaping (2 credit package with SVN 3C Environmental Science

TFJ3E – Hospitality & Tourism – Workplace

TFJ3C – Hospitality & Tourism – College

Grade 12

TEJ4M – Computer Engineering

TEJ4E – Computers in the workplace

TGI4M – Software Engineering

TDJ4M – Technology Design

TMR4M – Robotics

TCJ4E – Construction Technology – Workplace

TWJ4E – Custom Woodworking – Workplace

TMJ4E – Manufacturing Technology – Workplace

TMJ4C – Manufacturing Technology – College

TTJ4E – Transportation Technology – Workplace

TFJ4E – Hospitality & Tourism – Workplace



Woodworking, Construction

Geoff Patterson

[email protected]

Digital Technologies

Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

Tim King

[email protected]

Robotics, Tech Design

Katy Lloyd

[email protected]

Hospitality & Tourism

Chef Instructor

Nicole DeBeyer

[email protected]

Chef Instructor

Christopher Jess

[email protected]

Green Industries

Agriculture, Forestry, Landscaping

Christopher Jess

[email protected]


Metalwork, Design

Chris Priester

[email protected]

Transportation Technology

Auto Service, Vehicle Ownership

Richard Preston

[email protected]

Small Engines, Vehicle Ownership

Richard Vander Vlugt

[email protected]

Small Engines, Vehicle Ownership