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Check Student Attendance

Student Attendance

Access to student information is available online
Parents/guardians my access:

To login, click on the following link: [Link to access student information]

  1. Select Centre Wellington D.H.S.
  2. Your username is the first three (3) letters of the student’s usual name, and the full last name (example: Julie Smith would be julsmith).
  3. The password is the student’s OEN number—this can be found on the student’s report card to the right of their name, or on their student card. If you have security concerns and need this password changed, please contact the office.
  4. Click on the tabs to access information about your student’s attendance.

Attendance—check today’s attendance (it will appear as soon as the teachers report it—all attendance should be reported by 3:30 p.m. daily and many teachers will post attendance shortly after class has started) – past attendance is available under history.

On this site, Parents/Guardians may also access:

Timetable—shows your child’s timetable, with room numbers and teachers’ names for this year (timetables for this year are not available on-line until mid-September)

Transcript—shows courses completed, summary of credits and community service hours completed

Achievement—shows mid-term and final marks for this year once teachers have entered them