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Centre Wellington District High School is a fully composite dual track high school offering both English and Immersion French programs. We are located in the communities of Elora and Fergus, Ontario, drawing from a combination of both these rural and urban communities.

Address: 905 Scotland Street, Fergus, Ontario N1M 1Y7

Phone Number: 519-843-2500

Fax Number: 519-787-0100

Email: [email protected]

Staff Email List – Click Here

Office Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm

First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Adam Armstrong Mathematics 549
Aileen Curwood Admin Ass't Vice Principal 301
Amy Ferguson English
Alexander Kempenaar Head/Lead, English, Guidance and Career Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Other 552
Alanna King Teacher
Andrea Kretz Alternative Courses (non-credit) 344
Amber Marlow English, Sec Special Ed Resource 599
Anthony Qushair Arts, Canadian and World Studies, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, Other, Science, Technological Education 515
Amelia Reich Arts, Technological Education 598
Abigail Reichstein Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Alannah Sawatsky French as a Second Language 527
Amy Wilson Ed Asst - Special Education
Bobbi Bentham Reynolds Arts 558
Belinda Cox Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, Health and Physical Education 509
Brett Girvin Arts, Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education 520
Billie Gitter Head/Lead, Arts, Canadian and World Studies, Cooperative Education, English, French as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities, Teacher Guidance, Technological Education 319
Briana Lovato Head/Lead, Mathematics 550
Brian Mallany Mathematics, Other, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 521
Brenda Pettifer Business Studies 578
Brett Turner Co-op, Cooperative Education 610
Blair Winch Librarian, Teacher 523
Cathy Bruder EASPA Union position, Spec Pgm Asst - Dev Disabled 601
Consuelo Gobbato Business Studies 608
Christina Hambly Admin Office Ass't Secondary, LTO Sec Admin Office Ass't 300
Charlie Hamilton Canadian and World Studies
Cheryl Hincks Office Co-ordinator Secondary 305
Christopher Jess Technological Education 333
Christine Kirkland Vice Principal 307
Carly McFarlane Health and Physical Education 534
Chris Priester Technological Education 572
Cherilyn Webb Ed Asst - Special Education
Deirdre Lawler Science 594
Dana Machin Teacher 517
Daniel Mosurinjohn Alternative Courses (non-credit) 536
Dane Pedersen Mathematics 586
Dave Ritter Science 574
Elizabeth Avery Canadian and World Studies 621
Erik Gitter Cooperative Education 576
Eric Greig Technological Education 514
Elizabeth Mick Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource 325
Erica Parker Canadian and World Studies 548
Greg Hodder Head Caretaker-Secondary 229
Gary Hodgson English 545
Gary Mok Health and Physical Education, Long Term Occasional Sec, Sec Special Ed Resource
Geoff Patterson Technological Education 512
Heather Cameron Head/Lead, Science 620
Helene Gawlina French as a Second Language, Mathematics 525
Jesse Bergman Mathematics 591
Jeff Brubacher Cooperative Education, Health and Physical Education 506
John Diamond Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 563
Janine Grin Principal 304
Jenni-Lee Kumagai Head/Lead, Technological Education 544
Jennifer Main Arts 508
Jose Martinez Arts 579
Jim Mason Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, English 533
Jaiden Miller Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Jenna Olley Canadian and World Studies 522
Jenny Ritter Head/Lead, Cooperative Education 575
Jessica Woods Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Kyla Bloch Head/Lead, Teacher Guidance 313
Kristen Bruce Mathematics 596
Kortney Gervais EA/SPA LTO l/other
Katy Lloyd Science, Technological Education 602
Kim McClelland Ed Asst - Special Education
Kim O'Connor Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Kim Sonnet Child Youth Counsellor Sec 332
Kayla Standen-Nguyen Technological Education 540
Lindsay Downey Mathematics 519
Laura Griffin Vice Principal 306
Laura Male Ed Asst - Special Education
Laura Markslag Business Studies, French as a Second Language 570
Lisa Sandford Library Assistant Secondary 308
Malcolm Allen Science 516
Matthew Arnold Canadian and World Studies, Technological Education 532
Mindy Bergin Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Michael Cottrill Science 541
Megan Davidson Admin Ass't Vice Principal 311
Meghan Fox English 581
Mark Howlett Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Michael Johnston Supervised Alternative Learn 524
Marisa Kurtz Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 537
Megan Reynolds Long Term Occasional Sec
Murray Skerritt Head/Lead, Technological Education 337
Nicole DeBeyer Technological Education 546
Natalie Di Cicco French as a Second Language
Oliver Gessner Arts, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 526
Olivia Hurst Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Paul Bruce Health and Physical Education 507
Peter Hummel Ed Asst - Special Education
Philip Lajoie Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education 518
Paul Sedlak Science 542
Rebecca Grimes Canadian and World Studies, Indigenous Studies 531
Randi Jamieson Teacher Guidance 310
Richard Preston Head/Lead, Technological Education 571
Steven Beggs Alternative Courses (non-credit), Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 511
Susan Brown LTO Sec Admin Office Ass't
Shelby Errygers Head/Lead, Alternative Courses (non-credit) 335
Scott Farlinger English 561
Stephanie Jones Guidance and Career Education 318
Shannon McLean Alternative Courses (non-credit), Arts 540
Shawn Pieper Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Sarah Rowan English 617
Stephanie Silverberg MacDonald Canadian and World Studies 539
Shane Trainor Mathematics 580
Sara Van de Pol English 577
Thomas Bentley Health and Physical Education
Tiziana Ceccato Alternative Courses (non-credit), Social Sciences and Humanities 530
Terri Slaven English 543
Zoltan Hunyady Science 535