Life Threatening Allergies

We have children in our school with potential life-threatening allergies to various foods and other materials called anaphylaxis.  This is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to food or other materials, and can cause death within minutes.  In recent years, anaphylaxis has increased dramatically among students. 

Although this may not affect your child’s class directly, we are letting you know so that you may refrain from sending foods to the school that contain peanuts and nuts.  We aim to create an allergy safe environment at our school.

If your child is in a classroom with an anaphylactic child, or your child has anaphylaxis, you will be contacted by the classroom teacher.   

Our school has procedures in place to help manage anaphylactic reactions.  If your child has health concerns of any kind, please tell your child’s teacher or the office and we will take the necessary health protection steps. 

Thank you for your understanding in ensuring an allergy-safe environment for all of our students.