Technology Use: Personal Devices

Although the school does NOT require personal devices, students may bring their own to school. We recognize the increasingly important role technology plays in our daily lives. Students will be allowed, with parent support, to bring their technology (phones/ tablets) to school with the understanding that it will be used for educational purposes under teacher direction. Unless directed by a teacher, all devices should be powered off (not just asleep). Teachers will have their own guidelines around how technology will be used in their classrooms (i.e., when to use it and where it will be stored, etc.).

                              Technology Zones                                (okay to use devices)                        No Technology Zones                           ( put your technology away)
  • In classrooms, with teacher direction
  • With teacher permission (i.e., ask staff to check texts or make a call)
  • In the office, with staff permission
  • After 3:20
  •   In classrooms, unknown to teacher
  •  In lunch areas during nutrition breaks (gallery, classrooms)
  • In washrooms
  • In hallways or out on the yard


If a student is found to be misusing technology:

  • 1st time: Warning – staff will remind them of the expectations
  • 2nd time: Action – staff will ask for it and have it sent to the office with the student’s name on it. Student may pick it up at the end of the day.
  • 3rd time: Action – staff will send technology to the office. Parents will be required to pick it up from the office

Please review this with your children if they are to be bringing devices to school. Our school is not responsible for lost or damaged items or for the supervision of the content in electronic devices brought to school. Please talk to your child about digital responsibility before he/she brings electronic devices to school.

  • Note: depending of the type of misuse, parents may be required to pick up their child’s device at any point.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.