Coordinating Transportation

For students in the GCVI school boundary please check here to see if you are eligible for a school bus.

For Students not in the GCVI boundary:

The board approved the IB program without transportation. We understand and empathize that this puts students and families in a difficult situation. 

In order to assist with transportation needs, we try to put families who live in the same geographical area in touch with one another through email. Families then contact one another in the hope of creating a carpool solution. If you are interested, simply send an email ([email protected]) and then an office admin will send you the email address of others who live in your area. 


SAMPLE ROUTES – these are not necessarily current. Please check google maps (public transit) for options

Fergus/Elora — Community Bus. Elliot Bus Lines.  This bus has numerous stops in Fergus and Elora.  For example, there is a stop outside of Freshco (edge of Fergus) and it runs through downtown Fergus. It takes HWY 6 to Guelph. We have had many students who take this bus regularly. The cost is $5 one way. If you leave Freshco Fergus around 7:30 am you are dropped off at the Guelph Public Library at 8 ish and then it is a 5 min walk to GCVI. You are then picked up at 5:15 pm at the Guelph Public Library. Many students only use the bus one way and get a ride and/or carpool. 

Rockwood/Erin — GO Bus (Bus 31 to school and bus 31A to return home) — get a Presto card from the GO station here in Guelph. The cost is approx $4 per ride if using your student ID (which you need to connect to your Presto card at the station). There are 5 stops in Rockwood. 

South End Guelph — City bus routes — Simply use to plan out your trip. See an example here

East End Guelph — City Bus Routes — Simply use to plan out your trip. See an example here OR an example here

North End Guelph: City Bus Routes — Simply use to plan out your trip. See an example here

Aberfoyle: Get dropped off at Longos (plaza) in order to take the city bus. Simply use to plan out your trip. See the route from Longos here OR Go Bus to central station then either walk 15 min to GCVI or transfer and bus (route here)