Preparatory Program Students

Welcome current Grade 9 and 10 Preparatory Program students!

Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program prepares students to be organized planners, confident learners and innovative thinkers. Grades 9 and 10 students will be enrolled in some accelerated learning and higher content classes and will earn all Ontario prerequisite credits. Courses such as Mathematics, English, Global Citizenship and Science will have a specific focus to help ensure success within the IB Diploma Programme. The aim of the Preparatory Program is to enable students to have as much choice in their electives as possible to encourage a broad base of interest and understanding in the student as well as enable involvement in school activities. This will greatly enhance their experience as senior students as not only will they be academically prepared but also they will be active participants in the school and the outside community.

NOTE: It is the intent for students in the Preparatory Program to enter the IB Diploma Programme if the student continues to meet the requirements of the program.

Timeline for the Preparatory Program

Date Content
June 2020
  • Virtual Orientation – Introduction to the IB, GCVI and the Preparatory Program
September 2020- June 2021
  • Mathematics, English, Global Citizenship, and Science with content focus
  • Mandatory courses (CGC 1D, FSF1D) and electives taken
September 2021 – June 2022
  • Mathematics, English, French (optional in the Grade 10 year) and Science with content and learning focus
  • Mandatory courses (CHC2D) and electives taken
  • Grade 11 Mathematics course taken for SL Mathematics preparation


Preparatory Program Students at Guelph CVI:

Preparatory students working hard in class.

A Pre IB student involved with Athletic Council.