The Mission of the GCVI is to develop informed, engaged and responsible citizens of the local, national and global communities.

These aspects of citizenship are achieved through the IB@GC through social responsibility, academic rigour, environmental stewardship, intercultural understanding and the pursuit of positive relationships, health and well-being.

Academic rigour is achieved by delivering a challenging and diverse curriculum at GCVI while providing a focus on personalized core growth components.

The foundation of social responsibility is the understanding that we are accountable to one another. GCVI students will strive to serve the greater community and give freely of themselves in order to enrich the lives of others.

Environmental stewardship involves the recognition of the reciprocal relationship between oneself and one’s environment by fostering a commitment to local, national and global sustainability.

Intercultural understanding fosters an awareness and appreciation for one’s own culture, history and society while developing a deeper knowledge, respect and acceptance of our global community.

Positive relationships, health and well-being are cultivated through genuine respect for oneself and others. Integrity, empathy and caring are the foundation upon which these are developed.

About the school

The Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute is a composite secondary school located in the heart of the City of Guelph. This stately historical building has been operating as a high school for over 150 years. Our traditions and our heritage bring us a great sense of pride. The student demographics can be described as predominately urban and culturally diverse. The school is accessible by city bus or school bus (but not by wheelchair). The staff at Guelph Collegiate dedicates themselves to challenging students to achieve their personal best. This personal best encompasses citizenship, personal awareness, lifelong learning, and preparation for post-secondary pursuits.

For further information about the school’s history, the campus, sports, clubs and services please go to GCVI’s website.