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Welcome to the Languages Department homepage!

Through our love of languages, our department strives to ensure that you have the opportunity to learn one of our many national and international languages. Primarily we teach French (one of our two national languages) at the Core French and French Immersion levels. We also offer courses in Spanish and Italian. As a department, our goal is to show students that there are numerous benefits to learning multiple languages. Knowing a second language will not only make you more marketable in the workplace, it will also help you to communicate to others when travelling in our global community!

Core French

The aim of the Core French program is to provide students with fundamental communication skills in French and an understanding of the nature of the language and its culture.  Core French offers students the chance to develop a usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or through contact with French-speaking people.  By the end of the four year program, student will be able to particpate in a straight forward conversation in French; will be able to read – with the help of a dictionary – books, magazines, and newspapers in French; and will be able to understand the general meaning of radio and television news and other programs.

International Languages

Language is our principal means of communication.  As societies around the world become more closely linked through advances in technology, the ability to communicate in more than one language becomes increasingly important.  The study of languages helps students to express themselves with confidence and developes their ability to solve problems and to think creatively.  These skills enable students to analyse and use information from around the world and to communicate effectively in the international language for both business and personal purposes.

The International Language Program developes students’ oral communication and listening skills, and enhances their general learning skills.  In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of language allows students to explore such related areas of study as history, geography, music, art, literature, business, and world issues.

French Immersion

The study of French is an important part of the secondary school curriculum. French is not only one of Canada’s two official languages, but is also widely used around the world. Knowledge of a second language is valuable for a number of reasons. Through learning a second language, students can strengthen their first-language skills and enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities; they also tend to become more tolerant and respectful of other cultures. In addition, the ability to communicate in another language provides students with a distinct advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.The aim of the French Immersion program is to develop and refine students’ ability to communicate in French as well as to expand their knowledge of the language through the study of Francophone literature. By the end of the four-year program, students will be able to participate easily in conversations and discussions; will be able to take courses at the college or university level in which French is the language of instruction; and will be able to accept employment in which French is the working language.