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Family Studies

Welcome to Family Studies!

Family Studies is a multidisciplinary subject area within the Social Sciences & Humanities curriculum that encompasses four areas: food and nutrition, fashion and housing, personal life management, and child studies & human development.

New for 2024/25! Entering Gr. 9 students can now choose TFJ1O Hospitality – Culinary Focus. As a T-coded course, this will meet the new requirement for a Gr. 9/10 Tech course. Alternatively, Gr. 9s can choose HIF1O Exploring Family Studies for a broader approach to developing personal life skills.


Fashion Housing (36 × 18in)

CHILD STUDIES (36 × 18in)

HIP4O POSTER (36 × 18in)Click Family Studies Courses 2024_25 to view a listing of courses offered and how they lead to post-secondary pathways and career options.

Students learn by seeing and doing, for example:

Family Studies Teachers
Robin Schafer, Department Lead   [email protected]
Jacquelyn Roosenboom
Chef Jordan Thompson
Erin Conroy
Amy Hertz