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*Please note that these polices as well as the full JFR Attendance Policy and those regarding appointments, holidays and late arrivals can be found in the JFR Student Handbook.


John F. Ross Statement on the value of regular attendance:

We believe that there should be a well publicized policy and procedures for students absences that will be diligently adhered to by students, parents, teachers and administrators. The focus and rationale for the procedures must be the creation of an optimal learning environment for the students. Students cannot learn effectively if chronic, irregular absences result in missed work, discussions, and learning experiences. Students also cannot learn effectively when, due to a previous absence and/or failure to do homework or assignments, a student continually interrupts a class while seeking clarification about such work. 

Daily Attendance

When you are absent from class you are responsible to find out about your missed work and assignments. You are still obligated to submit assignments that were gathered on the day of your absence. Doctor’s notes may be requested for absences for all culminating activities, performances, and final examinations/evaluations. 

If Absent for a test or culminating activity:

Contact the classroom teachers before 9 a.m. if you have a key task or assignment due. Upon your return bring a note which you will show to each of your period teachers. You will hand in this note to your fourth/final period teacher who will keep this documentation.  For unexcused absences, students will be provided with a second opportunity to complete the assessment during lunch in Room 225.  For repeated or chronic unexcused absences during an assessment, the student will be referred to the Vice Principal, and a mark of zero may be assigned for the missed assessment(s).