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OSSTF update: Dec. 11 strikes in some Ontario school boards (not UGDSB)

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) has announced that on Wednesday Dec. 11, OSSTF teachers and education workers in some school boards will take part in a one-day, full withdrawal of services in selected locations across Ontario:

The Upper Grand District School Board is not listed as one of the school boards that will be included in the Dec. 11 OSSTF job action. 

Please continue to check for updates.

When September ends

Posted October 2, 2016

Hello all and happy weekend. This week's topic has to do with PLAY, child development and learning. I was listening to CBC radio this morning and they had on a "parenting expert" who was talking about how we should parent (not a new topic, lol). Interestingly, this made me think of ...

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Learning Through our Mistakes – Sept. 24

Posted September 25, 2016

One of the nice things I enjoy about the weekend is sitting on Saturday morning with a fresh coffee catching up on reading my twitter feed. I find it very good for Professional Development and keeping current. I find it amazing that in no time at all, I can connect ...

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When I read with my child….

Posted September 18, 2016

I had mentioned last week that it is important to read with your child. I thought I would share some ideas on how, what and why. Why read? Our lives are filled with print media. Whether they be signs on the street, instructions or manuals for games or machines, recipes, newstories, blogs, or ...

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The First week is in the books!

Posted September 10, 2016

What an amazing week it has been. I always find it hard to describe the feeling of having the staff and students back in the building and listening to the excited buzz of talk in the classrooms. It is truly something special. Mrs. Mortimer and I have toured the classrooms this ...

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Exciting Times at JGPS

Posted September 2, 2016

Hello Everyone! I have set a new goal for myself in the interest of increasing the link between school and home by blogging every Friday. If you have a topic you would like explored, or questions that you would like answered email me at It has been a great week in ...

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Coming to John Galt on the First Day

Posted August 30, 2016

Welcome to the First Day at John Galt PS Hello Everyone! Please see below for some “First Day” instructions: If you are coming by car, please park on the side streets and use the crosswalks to help your child know and learn the safe way to cross. We will have street patrols on ...

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August 22nd

Posted August 22, 2016

Great News! I was at the school today. Work is being done on the creative playground retaining wall. Jason Parks is in working on the Kindergarten yard play elements. There will be some exciting new things when you come to school.
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