School Council

About Mitchell Woods Public School Council

We invite all parents/guardians/grandparents of children registered at Mitchell Woods Public School to consider parent membership on School Council for the school year.

School Council plays an important role in the development and education of children:

  • School Council contributes to the success of Mitchell Woods through our volunteer efforts.
  • Good schools become better schools when parents and educators partner. School Council plays a unique role in fostering this partnership.
  • When you participate in School Council meetings and share your voice, you are taking an active role in your child’s education. By coming out once a month to review, discuss and plan school initiatives, we show our children that we are very interested in them and the things they do.
  • School Council offers you opportunities to build relationships with other engaged parents, community members and school staff. You can be part of a school community that works together to improve and facilitate student success and school performance.

School Council is comprised of:

  • Parents
  • Community representatives
  • Teachers
  • Vice-Principal
  • Principal

Meetings are held once per month and the meeting schedule is posted on the website. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

In addition to consulting with the Principal on a variety of matters that affect student learning, parents on the School Council help to organize both school events and improve the financial resources of our school. Through fundraising efforts like magazine sales and the dance-a-thon, School Council helps to provide resources for the students like such things as an updated sound system, computers/technology, home reading programs and dance workshops.

If you require further information or have questions, please e-mail us anytime at 

2022/23 Meeting Dates, Locations and Times

Our first meeting is Monday, September 19th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the School Library.



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