SC Fundraising


Introducing FlipGive – Support our school by shopping for things you already need with FlipGive!

How does it work? FlipGive gives our school a percentage from each purchase made through our team channel. Including most major retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, and hotel brands.

FlipGive lets users buy products directly on some merchant’s websites as well as purchase e-gift cards, which are both delivered directly to you.

Ready To Join? Great, simply click on this link to get started.

Already a FlipGive member? Use the join code WPCPL9 to add Mitchell Woods to your account.


Mitchell Woods has joined Oliver Labels to support the school in their fundraising efforts. Oliver Labels offers a variety of items for kids and adults such as labels (for school, camps, vacation, etc.), wall art, car decals, business items, and more!

20% of your purchase goes back to help our school.

Click here to visit the website

WOLVERINE’S NIGHT OUT – January 25th 6-8:30 pm

DANCE-A-THON – February 14th