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Staff Emails & Voicemail Extensions

Staff Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Abraham, Alexander


Mathematics [email protected] [email protected] 414
Angel, Mariah


Art [email protected] [email protected] 448
Aquino, John


Computer Studies, Mathematics 420
Bartlett, Stacey


English, Indigenous Studies 417
Beer, Dale


Canadian and World Studies, Health and Physical Education 402
Berry, Sean


Special Program Asst – Technical 450
Boylen, Lesley


Admin Ass’t Vice Principal 308
Bravo-Eby, Jeremy


English, Resource 436
Bridge-Jackson, Pam


Ed Asst – Special Education 455
Campbell, Shelley


Ed Asst – Special Education 413
Champman, Melissa


English, Indigenous Studies [email protected] [email protected] 401
Clements, Lindsay


Lead Numeracy & STEM (Tech, Experiential Learning, & Community Connections), Math [email protected] [email protected] 473
Corcoran, David


Mathematics, Science [email protected] [email protected] 458
Cribbin, Jaime


Technological Education Cosmetology 341
Doney, Elizabeth


Social Sciences and Humanities 419
Dopfer, Jamie


Ed Asst – Special Education 411
Douglas, Betty


Lead Student Life & Co-Curriculars (Wellbeing, Leadership, Student Council, LEAP, Clubs), Business Studies, Library 320
Dunning, Kelly


Canadian and World Studies [email protected] [email protected] 418
Fenton-Staines, Jen


Social Sciences and Humanities, Health and Physical Education 421
Godbold, Jane


Vice Principal [email protected] 307
Goddard, Alexander


Canadian and World Studies 422
Graham, Zachary


Cooperative Education, Health and Physical Education, Social Sciences and Humanities 440
Hebebrand, Duston


Alternative Courses Spec Ed [email protected] [email protected] 404
Holland, Tyler


Alternative Courses Spec Ed 425
Howells, Christopher


Cooperative Education, Technological Education 424
Huband, Karen


Lead Student Services and Wellbeing (Guidance, SHSM, Alt Ed, Student Success, International Students ), Guidance, Visual Arts 309
Hunt, Amanda


Child Youth Counsellor Sec 313
Insley, Faith


Lead Literacy & Sustainability (Humanities, Canadian and World Studies, OSSLT) Student Success, Canadian and World Studies 311
Irvine, Peter


Alternative Courses Spec Ed [email protected] [email protected] 457
Israel, Mark


Canadian and World Studies 427
Kelly, Michael


Technological Education 339
Kemp, Natalie


Alternative Courses Spec Ed, English [email protected] [email protected] 447
Le Courtois, David


CELP, Science 432
Madore, Irene


Ed Asst – Special Education 435
Miller, Steven


Canadian and World Studies, Health and Physical Education 442
Moore, Robin


Technological Education 444
Morgan, Leanne


Canadian and World Studies, French as a Second Language 443
Murray, Maggie


Social Worker [email protected] [email protected] 333
Norman, Mackenzie


Admin Office Ass’t Secondary 301
Ottens, Anissa


Admin Office Ass’t Secondary, Guidance Office 332
Radcliffe, Anthony


Lead Numeracy / STEM (Math, Business, EQAO), Mathematics [email protected] [email protected] 449
Riddolls, Steven


Technological Education 338
Ropp, Carla


Health and Physical Education, Social Sciences and Humanities 452
Rowden, Adam


Principal [email protected] [email protected] 305
Sandhar, Kiran


Lead Numeracy/STEM & Sustainability (Science, Computer Science) Partners, Mathematics, Science 409
Schneider, Russell


Lead Special Education, Inclusion, & Accessibility (LRC10, Resource, LST) 314
Scott, Brayden


Lead Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (Wellbeing, Partners, ESL) English, Drama 407
Shortt, Jeff


Science 456
Smith, Catherine


Lead Literacy & Community Connections (French, English, Arts, OSSLT), Library, French as a Second Language 460
Smith, Sally


Art [email protected] [email protected] 461
Smith, Tyson


Cooperative Education, Science 400
Soderman, Vanesse


Science [email protected] [email protected] 462
Spencer, Marla


Drama, Guidance 310
Strachan, Ian


Lead Athletics & Student Wellbeing (Phys Ed., Teams, Intramurals), Health and Physical Eduation 463
Straus, Stacey


Social Sciences and Humanities [email protected] [email protected] 446
Suffern, Leigh


Mathematics, SHSM 334
Swenson, Karl


Canadian and World Studies 464
Syer-Murray, Angela


Canadian World Studies, Music 337
Vaine, Thomas


English, Indigenous Studies 416
Ward, Luanne


Office Co-ordinator Secondary 303