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Student Profile – connect Ed

Check you student’s attendance, marks, report card, and timetable!Connect Ed Logo

The Upper Grand District School Board offers parents the opportunity to view the attendance of their student(s). Please contact the teacher in cases of discrepancies or clarification.

Go to and select “Norwell D.S.S.” from the drop down menu.

Login: The student login is up to the first 5 letters of the student’s last name followed by the first 3 letters of their “usual” first name. The first letter of both the last and first names must be capitalized. Do not include spaces, hyphens or special characters.

For example, Julie Smithson would be SmithJul. John Doe would be DoeJoh.

The password is the student’s 9-digit OEN number which may be found on the student’s report card near the top, or on their student card.