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The Upper Grand School Board is very excited to announce the availability of “Google Apps for Education” at schools within our board.

Google Apps is a suite of products including Document (word processing, presentations, spreadsheets), Sites, Mail (limited to staff & students at UGDSB schools), Calendar, and more. All products are available in an Internet-based format via the UGCloud; a secure, monitored site for UGDSB staff and students.

Google Apps is accessible on almost any device or computer anywhere in the world. “Google Apps for Education” will allow our students to access homework and assignments from teachers, both at home and at school; as well as collaborate with staff and other students, 24/7. With Google Apps, there will be no more lost or forgotten homework. Teachers will be able to assess student work online, which will have an immediate environmental impact by decreasing the amount of paper used by staff and students.

Google Apps provides the opportunity for meaningful assessment, promotes both peer and self editing, as well as easily creates online portfolios of student work allowing students to self-assess, set goals and monitor growth throughout their years of education with the UGDSB.

Features of the UGCloud

The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to developing engaged and technologically literate 21st century learners who are able to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically.¬† “Google Apps for Education” is an invaluable tool to help us to effectively¬† meet this goal, while maintaining high quality programming for our students.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The Upper Grand School Board provides and manages access to Google Apps for Education service for staff and students. This service, UGCloud, Access and the use of UGCloud including student email is a privilege provided by the Board. The Board maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of these services including email at their sole discretion when there is reason to believe that violations of law or Board policies/procedures have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to an Administrator for further investigation and adjudication. The decision of Board Administration with respect to service withdrawal shall be final.

  1. School Code of Conduct will be adhered to and followed at all times
  2. Users of UGCloud agree to comply with the Google Apps for Education Agreement and the Laws of Ontario
  3. Digital respect will be used at all times, by all users
  4. Users will be held accountable and responsible for all any and all content that they load and that is stored on the Board Google Application Workspace
  5. Use of the Board Google Apps environment is restricted to current staff and student of the Board only. All other access is strictly prohibited. As much as possible, the Board will control access and will monitor students’ activity. However, information created and/or stored on Google Application Workspace is done so at the user’s risk. The Board cannot be held responsible for data stored on Google Application workspace as it is outside of the care and control of the Board. All users of the Upper Grand District School Board Google Application Workspace will indemnify and save harmless the Board, its employees, officers, trustees and agents from and against any allegations, claims, costs, damages, expenses, suits, settlements, awards or proceedings (including without limitation legal expenses) penalties or fines arising out of any injury to persons (including injuries resulting in death) or loss of or damage to property of others which may be or be alleged to be caused by or suffered as a result of the provision of or as a result of the use of this service.
  6. Personal and/or confidential information is not to be stored or disclosed on Google Applications Workspace.
  7. The Board reserves the right to access the data stored on the Board Google Application Workspace, regardless of ownership, including current and archival files of users accounts when there is reasonable suspicion that illegal or unacceptable use has occurred.