Internet Use

The Internet is a dynamic, educational resource which dramatically expands the classroom by delivering current information, data and images from around the world. The Internet offers unique opportunities to educate, inform, and communicate.

We believe that the valuable information and interaction available to users through the resources of the Internet far outweigh the possibility that users may access material that may be inappropriate and inconsistent with school and community values. While teachers will monitor the use of computers by students, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to guard against unacceptable information. Copies of the complete Upper Grand District School Board Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Network and Internet Use, which includes the information summarized below, are available in the school office. School administrators will deem what is inappropriate use and their decision is final. Failure to observe these guidelines will result in loss of computer privileges and/or other consequences consistent with Board/school policies
and procedures.

Each user will comply with the following conditions:

  • using e-mail and Internet access in support of education and research, and in a manner consistent with the educational beliefs and objectives of the school and Board.
  • accepting full responsibility for his/her own exploration of the Internet
  • respecting the privacy of others
  • adhering to school standards of courtesy and behaviour
  • promptly reporting to staff any inappropriate e-mail or Internet data

These include, but are not limited to:

  • accessing or distributing inappropriate material
  • using the network for any unauthorized, illegal, inappropriate or obscene purposes
  • using the network for financial gain or commercial activity
  • plagiarizing or violating copyright
  • violating network security
  • accessing, vandalizing, damaging or disabling the property of another user
  • engaging in any form of harassment on the network
  • allowing others the access to personal passwords or accounts
  • posting personal contact information
  • reposting or forwarding personal communications without the approval of the author

Adopted 2000 04 18

Students have been instructed not to disclose personal information over the internet.

Parents should be sure to read Conditions for Use of Computer Networks and Internet (Board Policy Form #511) that is included in the first day package. It is the responsibility of each parent to instruct their child on the procedures to follow when being ask for their personal information, i.e., first and last name, address, phone, number, from anyone.