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Guidance Counsellors

Julie Hubbard     – Head of Guidance

Extension:  310     Email:  [email protected]


Chris Grimwood

Extension: 335 am     Email:  [email protected]

Caitlin O’Brien

Extension:  336   Email:  [email protected]

Toffer Treiguts

Extension:  311   Email:  [email protected]


Other Staff in Guidance   
Phone Ext
Carol Bousfield –  Guidance Office Assistant
[email protected] 312
Jessica Cousineau – Supported Alternative Learning (SAL) – Email Only
[email protected]
Wendy Fernandes – Attendance Counsellor and Social Worker
[email protected]
Rob Marshall – CYC (Child & Youth Worker)  Tuesday Only
Lindsey Gilbert – CAD  (Community Alcohol/Drug Counsellor)  [email protected]