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Social Science & Canada and World Studies


The Social Science and Canada and World Studies departments offer a wide variety of courses at Erin DHS.  Students can study: Canadian History and Geography, Civics, Law, Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Food and Nutrition, Parenting and Sociology, and World Issues.  Courses are offered in the Academic, Applied, Open, College, and University streams.

Our courses encourage students to become active and responsible global citizens.  Emphasis is placed on inquiry based learning and critical thinking.  Throughout the program students continually improve their ability to locate and critically examine information and communicate their thoughts through class presentations, discussions, formal essays and reports.


Our Department

Ms. Cheryl Armstrong Travel & Tourism, Nutrition & Health [email protected] Ext 460
Mr. David Murphy (Dept. Head) Co-op Studies [email protected] Ext 434
Mr. Peter Wilson Canadian History, Law, Civics & Citizenship [email protected] Ext 435
Ms. Cara Cameron Music [email protected] Ext 404
Mr. Matthew Henderson Canadian History, Law, Civics & Citizenship [email protected] Ext 403
Mr. Justin Rossier French Immersion [email protected] Ext 422
Mr. Leon McCluskey Geography [email protected] Ext 412
Ms. Caleigh Cargo-Froom Geography [email protected] Ext 429
Ms. Kelsey Anthony English, Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology [email protected] Ext 401