A Reminder Of Classroom Expectations For Wolverines

Posted April 27, 2022

Today our Wolverines were reminded, on the morning announcements, of some of our school expectations:

Cell Phones

Teachers may be incorporating activities that allow students to use their cell phones for learning activities, and the school supports these endeavours.  However, when not being used for educational purposes, cell phones should be turned off and stored according to the teacher’s directions (i.e. in students’ backpacks).  If students need to go to the washroom, they should ensure to leave their cell phones in the classroom.

Washroom Breaks

Students are encouraged to go to the washroom before school, between classes, at lunch or after school.  Washroom breaks are permitted during class if necessary, but should be limited to short breaks (3-5 minutes) where possible in order to maximize learning.  Students should avoid congregating in groups in the washroom, socializing in the washrooms, vandalizing the washrooms, or vaping in the washrooms.

We thank all of our Wolverines for their co-operation and respectful following of these expectations, and we appreciate all of our Wolverines who have been using their cell phones and washroom breaks appropriately and responsibly all year.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to contact Principal Mr. Bloch at 519-323-3430 ext. 222 with any questions about these expectations.

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