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Regular attendance is vital to the process of learning. When the student is late or frequently absent, both the individual student and classmates miss excellent learning experiences.

WHSS has a safe arrival policy for Grade 9 and 10 classes.  If a student is absent from their period one class without a note or a phone call from home, the school will contact parents/guardians at home or work to ensure that students are safe.  Please ensure that if your child will be absent that you contact the school attendance line prior to 9 am.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly; to try to succeed; and to participate in all learning opportunities.

Absences from class which are not legitimate will affect the student’s school achievement. When a student reaches 15 days absence from a course, the student may be withdrawn from that course or from the school


All students must achieve at least 50% as a final promotion mark to receive a credit in a course.

Parent-School Communication

Communication is a two-way process. Please contact the school if you wish to discuss the progress of your son or daughter. Regular newsletters will keep you informed of school happenings and future events. Please keep us informed of any situation that could influence your student’s ability to participate in regular school attendance.