Policies and Procedures in Courses Changes

Students wishing to change a course should consult with a guidance counsellor. Although the final responsibility for the course selection rests with the student and parents, the school staff, and the guidance counsellors are available to assist students by providing as much information as possible to help make appropriate choices. As a result of these choices, the school must make important decisions which affect staffing, budget, and timetables. Therefore, it is expected that students will remain in the courses they have chosen for the entire semester. Students who drop or fail a course in Semester 1 should not assume that they will automatically be eligible for, or be able to take, the same course in Semester 2. It is Wellington Heights Secondary School’s policy that all timetable conflicts will be resolved within the first two weeks of the start of the school year and that all course changes will be completed by the end of the second week in each semester.

Students under 16 years of age or who have fewer than 16 credits will not be permitted to have a “spare” period.