Scholarships and Bursaries for 2023-2024 will be posted here after the

Winter Break 


Important: When filling out applications for scholarships please note the due date.  If a letter of reference is required by a teacher please give them a minimum of one week to prepare the letter of reference. 


Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

There are awards in this document that require an application process.  Please note due dates.  Applications that are given out at the WHSS Commencement can be emailed to Davina Edwards at

[email protected] 

Awards Given at WHSS Commencement 2022-2023

Application Award Applications given at Commencement

*application awards must be completed online – (no handwritten applications)

Arthur Optimist Memorial Scholarship Application 2023

Barbara Douglas Application And Criteria

Dean Jackson Memorial Agricultural Scholarship 2023

Egremont Proton Township Bursary 2023

Louise Marshall Auxiliary Bursary Application 2023

Mt. Forest Horticulture 2023

North_Wellington_Co Op_Bursary_Application_Form (1)

Jenny Whetham Memorial Bursary presented by WOWSA 2021

The Upper Grand Learning Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is due April 30th , applications can be found at:

Campbell DeVore Scholarship

Awarded to graduates enrolled in a post-secondary institution who have attained high personal academic standards, have shown significant potential, and have demonstrated an interest in school, community, and personal life.

Please email the application to [email protected]

Campbell De Vore Application 2023 (5)

Other funding Opportunities

Wellington County Scholarship

Grey County Residents only – Deadline to apply is May 31st.
Link to other scholarships:

Websites to visit:                                              

The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary Assistance Program
The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary Assistance Program