First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Adam Kalbfleisch Science, Technological Education 546
Adam Norton Head/Lead, English, Guidance and Career Education 548
Adam Teeter Head/Lead, French as a Second Language, Sec Special Ed Resource 236
Brent Bloch Principal 222
Bob Hosken Mathematics 541
Brittany Johnston Canadian and World Studies, L/T Occasional Sec AS, Other, Sec Special Ed Resource 538
Blair Klemp Business Studies, Guidance and Career Education 506
Bridget Kosempel Health and Physical Education 503
Christine Chambers Alternative Courses (non-credit) 535
Christopher Fiddes Vice Principal 223
Christiane Lopez Business Studies, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 512
Charlotte Ristich Arts, English 511
Camille Vinkovic Mathematics, Science 532
Colton Wallace Alternative Courses (non-credit), Sec Special Ed Resource 505
Dorothy Dunbar Ed Asst - Special Education 518
Davina Edwards Office Co-ordinator Secondary 230
David Forsyth Canadian and World Studies 510
Diane Johnson English, French as a Second Language, Indigenous Studies, Other, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 507
Emily Lubbers English 536
Erick Rauser Alternative Courses (non-credit), Technological Education 528
Heather Reed Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 516
Jennifer Cork Science 513
Justin Gibson English 530
Joanne Parish Ed Asst - Special Education 508
Jessica Rowden Head/Lead, Social Sciences and Humanities, Teacher Guidance 521
Jeffrey Snoddy Mathematics, Science 501
Jeff Verbeek Head/Lead, Technological Education 540
Kailey Gordon Admin Office Ass't Secondary 221
Ken Kivell Canadian and World Studies 515
Kim Uhrig Ed Asst - Special Education 517
Lily Valade Alternative Courses (non-credit), Mathematics 527
Monique Beam Admin Office Ass't Secondary 290
Matthew McFarlane Cooperative Education, Health and Physical Education 520
Matthew Timberlake Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education, Science, Social Sciences and Humanities, Technological Education 529
Neal Carriere Computer Studies, Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 504
Nichola McEwan Head/Lead, Arts 524
Peggy Topham Cooperative Education 531
Robert Drost Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 509
Romita Khindria Head/Lead, Mathematics 291
Shelley Bell Head/Lead, Teacher Guidance 227
Shirley Person Admin Ass't Vice Principal 224
Stephanie Severn French as a Second Language, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 527
Stephanie West Arts, English, Indigenous Studies 526
Vanesse Soderman Head/Lead, Science 547