Requirements for OSSD

18 compulsory + 12 optional = 30 credits plus
Community Service and Literacy Test

Substitutions for Compulsory Courses

In order to allow flexibility in designing a student’s program and to ensure that all students can qualify for the secondary school diploma, substitutions may be made for a limited number of compulsory credit courses using courses from the remaining courses offered by the school that meet the requirements for compulsory credits. To meet individual students’ needs, principals may replace up to three of these courses (or the equivalent in half courses) with courses from the remainder of those that meet the compulsory credit requirements. However, in all cases, the sum of compulsory and optional credits will not be less than thirty for students aiming to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and not less than fourteen for those aiming to earn the Ontario Secondary School Certificate. Substitutions should be made to promote and enhance student learning or to meet special needs and interests. Each substitution will be noted on the student’s Ontario Student Transcript.

Mandatory Community Involvement

Students will be required as part of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) to complete a minimum of 40 hours of unpaid community involvement over their four years of secondary school. This involvement will be in addition to the 30 credits required to graduate and must be arranged by the students and parents. Students must keep a record of this involvement and have it validated by the school principal. Possible placements include charity work, service clubs, coaching, or involvement in certain extra-curricular activities within the school as defined by the guide provided by the Ministry. Further details can be found in the Upper Grand District School Board brochure(Community Involvement Info.) Fillable Community Involvement Activity Notification And Completion Revised 2019 May