WHSS Student Receives The Queen’s Jubilee Medal

Posted November 14, 2022

A student from Wellington Heights Secondary School has received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for her bravery and thoughtfulness.

On October 18, 2022, Grade 12 WHSS student, Tori, was at her home when a tragic car accident occurred on Highway 6 in front of her home, causing both vehicles involved in the accident to burst into flames.

Tori wasted no time in running out to the scene, calling 911 for help while running to the burning vehicles.  Acting quickly and bravely, Tori helped to pull a young woman from her burning car, and brought her to safety until emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Additionally, following this tragic incident, another thing that made school staff very proud of Tori was that her was thoughtful in her response; she did not spread photos of the accident on social media or boast about her involvement. It is precisely this thoughtfulness for others, humble kindness, quick thinking, and incredible bravery that distinguish Tori from many others who might have found themselves in a similar position.

For these reasons, Tori was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal on November 8, 2022, by Member of Parliament, John Nater.  A small ceremony was held in the WHSS front foyer with Tori and her family, local dignitaries, and friends from her Biology class.


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