Celebrating Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month at WHSS

Posted February 2, 2023

Back in 2021, students in Black student chapters decided to change Black History Month to Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month.

These students had asked themselves, ‘what’s in a name?’ and had decided that the name change would signify a balanced approach to understanding the multi-faceted history of the African diaspora; including the callbacks to culture and history prior to the transatlantic slave trade, slavery, segregation, and the enduring anti-Black racism experienced by the Black individuals of our global community, as well as exploring more contemporary themes such as social activism/justice, and what Black Excellence has contributed to our society in this modern era.

Throughout the month of February a variety of resources and supports centering Black histories, experiences and contributions are highlighted and made available in order to support learning and celebration across all grades in the UGDSB. Educators in schools at the UGDSB will be holding their own specific events and initiatives curated to their classroom’s needs and interests. At the same time, we are excited to present a collection of opportunities to celebrate and learn, summarized in this year’s calendar below.

Resources and supports include but are not limited to:

The month of February provides us with an excellent opportunity to celebrate Black Heritage, Black Brilliance and Black Futures. The learning however, does not stop after the days of February have passed. It is our mission that the resources provided will continue to enrich the teaching and learning in the UGDSB throughout the year and that the celebration of diversity and inclusion is a continuous aspect of our curriculum.

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