WHSS achieves EcoSchool platinum standing for 2022

Posted February 2, 2023

MOUNT FOREST, ON – Wellington Heights Secondary School’s (WHSS) dedication to green initiatives over the many years has paid off as they have achieved platinum standing as an Ontario EcoSchool.

EcoShools are based on a point system and many of the initiatives over the years at WHSS have attributed to its platinum standing. Past initiatives have prioritized waste diversion, made recommendations for everyday energy saving, and many of the courses at WHSS courses embed environmental literacy and allow students to learn about, for and from the environment.

“EcoSchools allowed us to generate our own school action plan to earn enough points to attain platinum standing, so it was gratifying to achieve the goals within our plan more than the standing itself,” said WHSS Eco Lead, Matthew Timberlake.

Many of the green initiatives are run by WHSS’s Community Environmental Leadership Program, which consists of 24 youth leaders and is headed by Eco Lead Matthew Timberlake and WHSS staff member Jen Cork. With the group’s help, WHSS has been able to participate in national events and citizen science projects, including Walk to School Day, Sweater Days, and Bees at School.

Timberlake is also excited about the new and upcoming green initiatives they have planned for 2023, “We are excited to again be able to partner with our local elementary schools to offer the Ducks Unlimited Wetland Centre of Excellence Program and the Wellington County Green Legacy programs, along with other field trips and initiatives that had to be put on hold due to the pandemic.”

EcoSchools Canada is an award-winning certification framework that has provided independent reporting and recognition for schools and outdoor and environmental education centres. You can learn more about EcoSchools Canada here.

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