Exam Period Information

Posted January 24, 2024

The exam period begins tomorrow.  Here are details on what to expect during this time of the semester:

  • Exams begin at 9:30 AM (suggested arrival time: 9:20 AM)
  • Buses run as normal; students need to remain in written exams for 1 hour, but are dismissed after they complete their exams
  • Students are able to access quiet study areas in the Cafetorium and Learning Commons, or could arrange rides to study at home after their exam is completed
  • In case of inclement weather and buses are cancelled, that day’s exam will move to the make-up day (Exam Day 5); in case of a second bus cancellation, all days, including the start of semester 2, will be pushed back by 1 day.

Important Dates

  • Thurs. Jan 25th – Exam Day 1 (Period 1)
  • Fri. Jan 26th – Exam Day 2 (Period 2)
  • Mon. Jan 29th- Exam Day 3 (Period 3)
  • Tues. Jan 30th – Exam Day 4 (Period 4)
  • Wed. Jan 31st – Exam Day 5 (Make-up)
  • Thurs. Feb 1st – Fri. Feb 2nd: P.A. Days (Students do not attend school)
  • Mon. Feb 5th – First Day of Semester 2

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