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Grade 10 Courses


Students will be encouraged to use computers, drama, creative writing and research as a way of appreciating the complexities of a work of literature. The selection of this course is subject to student accomplishment and/or teacher recommendation. Note: This course fulfils one of the compulsory English requirements.

Course Outline

We begin grade 10 academic English by examining several short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry pieces from our anthology. We focus largely on character development, character analysis, and the themes of persecution/prejudice. A character analysis is submitted for evaluation. We then examine the hero archetype developed in Greek mythology and works such as Beowulf, where we consider the language and diction of epic poetry. We do several close analyses of excerpts of the text. We also examine the ways in which the language furthers the implicit morals and themes of Beowulf. This examination of character is continued in our study of Macbeth, where we examine Macbeth’s character to distinguish it from Beowulf’s and to determine the differences between a heroic and villainous character. There will be reading of questions, creative presentations, and quotation analysis in this unit. Lord of the Flies, or another suitable work, is the culminating text, where the students apply what they have learned about the interpretation of character and theme to seminar presentations. There are also guided journal responses to the text and quotation analysis. The students enhance their knowledge of the novel by researching the social and political environment of the time. The course concludes with a short poetry unit. Poetic analysis is furthered by example and via a seminar where pairs of students analyze a poem and present their findings to the class. The goal of all of our presentation preparation is to facilitate the development of confident and thoughtful presentations.

Throughout the course, there is a regular focus on grammar skills, primarily indirect and direct objects, verb tenses, clauses and sentence expansion, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, and antecedents.

The student also reads a novel of his/her choice of at least 200 pages and answers specific questions relating to his/her personal response and thematic development.

The summative evaluation is comprised of the Lord of the Flies seminars and a final 2-hour exam.


This course extends the range of key reading, writing, oral communication, and thinking skills that students need for success in all areas of the curriculum. Students will study novels, poems, magazines, and reports, and will describe, design, and produce effective media works. An important focus will be the clear and coherent use of spoken and written language.

Note: This course fulfils one of the compulsory English requirements.

Course Description

Dreams Unit

Drama Unit

Short Stories Unit

Language & Writing

Novel Unit

Media & Advertising


Mythology Unit