School Handbook Rules & Guidelines

Students are expected to……

In classrooms 

  • work to the best of their abilities
  • come prepared for class
  • leave items (eg. toys, MP3 players, electronic games, cell phones) outside the classroom unless otherwise instructed, so as not to add distractions to the learning environment
  • not use their hands, feet or objects to hurt or annoy others
  • remove hats before entering class
  • listen when others are speaking
  • follow the directions of the teacher or other supervising adult
  • not taunt others
  • use appropriate and respectful language, no profanity
  • respect the property of others


In the halls

  • walk (not run)
  • quickly remove and hang up outer wear so as not to block halls
  • not eat or drink
  • use appropriate and respectful language, no profanity
  • not taunt others
  • not use their hands, feet or objects to hurt or annoy others


In lunchrooms

  • stay in assigned rooms
  • sit in seats as assigned
  • speak in soft indoor voices
  • place items in the garbage or recycling after they have finished eating
  • follow the directions of the supervising adult
  • wait to be dismissed by the supervising adult
  • use appropriate and respectful language, no profanity
  • not taunt others
  • not use their hands, feet or objects to hurt or annoy others


On the playground

  • play away from school doorways, the front of the school and other out of the bounds areas
  • play non-contact games
  • not use their hands, feet or objects to hurt or annoy others
  • not throw snowballs, stones or other objects
  • walk bicycles on school property
  • calmly talk to staff and others about playground problems
  • move quickly to their line when the bell rings
  • not taunt others


On playground equipment

  • use equipment in the manner for which it has been designed
  • take turns
  • wait in a safe spot for your turn
  • not run or play tag on the creative playgrounds
  • stay off equipment when it has been announced as closed due to unsafe conditions (e.g. winter season)


Dress Code

  • All clothing should reflect respect for yourself, your body and your school.
  • clothing suitable for outdoor weather should be provided for use at school
  • muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, halter tops, low neck lines, bare midriffs and backs are unacceptable
  • shirts must be “tuckable” and not excessively tight
  • shorts and skirts must be a reasonable length, one hand span above the knee, (this can be checked by making sure the hem is no shorter than fingertips when arms are extended alongside your body)
  • undergarments should not be visible
  • hats must be removed upon entering the school
  • clothing must not display offensive messages (symbols of hate, gang membership or images portraying violence, weapons, death, abuse, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, obscene words, racist or sexual statements)


General Reminders


Bus Behaviour

Students are expected to follow the rules of the bus, listen to the driver, remain in their seats, refrain from eating or drinking anything while on the bus, and follow the directions of the bus driver when entering or exiting the bus.


Bus Reminder

Bus transportation is provided to students based on the distance their home is from the school. Such students are placed on a regularly scheduled bus route and must travel on this route and no other. Bus students may not switch buses for any reason. In addition, students who walk to school may not travel on a regularly scheduled bus route.



The curriculum is so packed now that teachers need to use every period they have to complete it. Lessons need to start on time. Late students disturb the lesson flow, because teachers have to re-teach to ensure the late student is brought up-to-date. The consequence to the class increases when students are repeatedly late for class. The policy for students arriving late for class (without a valid excuse – e.g. doctor’s appointment) will be that the student will be sent to the office. They will receive detentions and reflection sheets in increasing numbers in keeping with a progressive discipline approach. Parents will be informed of persistent lateness without cause.

For our students’ safety all children must report to the office if they are late coming to school in the morning as well as the afternoon. They are not to go directly to the classroom.