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Booking Guidance Appointments

Please use this website to find the counsellor you would like to meet with and book with them. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The expectation is that when your appointment is complete you leave the Guidance area in a quick and effective manner. Your counsellor will send you with a time slip to show your teacher when the appointment was completed.
  2. If you need extra supports through Guidance during the day and there are no appointments available please go to the Guidance Office and speak with our secretary.

You can book appointments with a guidance counsellor or someone in the Wellness Centre.  If  a guidance counsellor is booked up on a certain day, please feel free to check another counsellor to see if they have available times.

Wellness Appointments
Please see a guidance counsellor for a referral to Ms. Chen or Ms. Sealey.

Ms. Chen (Social Worker) Ms. Sealey (Child & Youth Couns.)

Guidance Appointments
1.  Click on the counsellor below whom you wish to meet with.   You will be redirected to a calendar.
2.  Click on an appointment slot you want.  If there are no time slots, you can choose another counsellor. 
3.  A pop-up box will appear when you choose a time slot.  In that pop-up box add: 
       *  Describe what you wish to discuss (eg. personal, timetable changes, pathways planning etc.) 

4.  Once you click “save” in the pop-up box, you will automatically be booked and the appointment will show up in your UGcloud google calendar.  You will also receive a notification in your email.

Mrs. Campolongo
Head of Guidance 
Ms. Aalbers

E-Learning Contact

Please email Ms Aalbers to request an appointment:

[email protected]


Ms. Davis
Student Success and Guidance
Ms. Carolyn Frielink
ESL and International 
Mrs. Christine Frielink

Guidance Counsellor 

Mr. Chris Muller

Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Brady  
Specialist High Skills MajorAvailable period 1 for appointments. Please email Ms Brady directly at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.