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Course Selection

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24 25 Course Calendar


For planning your course selection for the coming 2024 – 2025 school year please refer to chart below as a guide.  Above is our Course calendar that contains information on course codes and descriptions, prerequisites required for courses and flow charts to assist in pathway planning.  The course calendar also contains information on Ministry requirements for Ontario Secondary School Diploma, student evalution and reporting, student services, and specialized programming.

    Chart Of Course Offerings

For Grade 8 Students coming from John F. Ross feeder schools: Arbour Vista PS, Guelph Lake PS, John Galt PS, John McCrae PS (French Immersion students), Ken Danby PS, King George PS, Rockwood Centennial PS, Waverley Drive PS and William C. Winegard PS, course selection will be done with MyBlueprint accessed via the student’s UGCloud platform.   Course selection opens beginning of January and closes the end of January.

For student’s currently attending John F. Ross CVI, course selection is with MyBlueprint accessed via the student’s UGCloud platform.  Course selection opens in January and closes mid-February.

Students who attend an elementary school that is not part of our listed feeder schools above, students coming from another high school (inside or outside our Board) and those former student of John F. Ross that wish to re-enroll must all register to attend John F. Ross CVI with our Vice-Principal’s Office.  Forms for registering must be completed before your appointment.

Registration Procedure

To book a registration appointment please contact:

Victoria Smith– Administrative Assistant to Vice Principal,  Ross Watson

Students with Surnames: A – G     519-822-7090 x348

Marie Creighton – Administrative Assistant to Vice Principal, Amie Willoughby

Students with Surnames: H – N   519-822-7090 x307

Elise Kroes-Burn – Administrative Assistant to Vice Principal, Lisa Sanvido

Students with Surnames: O – Z   519-822-7090 x308