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Post Secondary

The College and University application centres are now open for the 2017-18 application cycle and you can begin applying at any time.   The College application site is found at, while University application can be accessed at
Please view the documents below to help you plan and to help you apply.


banner_01 If you want to research college programs, or apply to colleges across Ontario, then this is the site for you. Find and plan your program, and apply when ready
ConestogaC_logo Thinking of going to college but staying close to home? Conestoga has many interesting programs to offer. Check it out.



This site will provide you with the information you need when applying to university. Access the login portal here when applying for university.
einfo Not sure which university to apply to? Use this site to get information on all Ontario universities, including: scholarships, program requirements, residence, program offerings and so much more.



Thinking about apprenticeship?  Did you know that to become a hairstylist or cook you can apprentice?  Find out more about what great careers await you…earn while you learn!  A visit to Apprentice Search might help you decide!

oyapInterested in starting an apprenticeship while still in high school? This website has great information and highlights students from the Upper Grand; including students here at Ross!  


EMPLOYMENT One stop shopping for all things related to post secondary life: working, apprenticeships, going to college, university, private career colleges and much much more.
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Looking for work or work-related support? Look no more.  Checkout Lutherwood or Second Chance.  Both are local agencies that will provide you with assistance when searching for work.