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Summer School

Registration for the 2023 summer school program is now closed. 


In-class sessions are scheduled to run this summer, but a final decision on how they will run has not been determined yet.  The courses will either run:

  • As remote ​”​synchronous​”​ (at the same time) learning.  What this means is that students need to be available during the hours that the class runs – 8:30 to 2:45 every school day.  Teachers will deliver curriculum using remote technology like Google meet (video or phone) to connect with students in whole-class or smaller groups.   Students may even be asked to collaborate with each other for projects or assignments.  Once again, to do this you have to be available, you cannot schedule work or other activities during this time – it would be as if you were in a school doing a class.


  • Physically within a school similar to the past but likely with COVID restrictions as determined by health agencies and the provincial government,

​There will be two types of In-class summer school opportunities:

  1. Full 4-week classes.   These classes will run from June 30th to July 24th.
  2. NEW this year will be 2-week upgrading credits.  These courses are designed to upgrade marks for courses already completed and passed with 50% or greater.   You cannot take these classes if you failed the course previously.   Also be aware that if you are upgrading a grade 11 or 12 credit, both the original course and this 2-week course will show up on your transcript.  The higher of the two will show up with a grade and the lower as a repeated course.

To register for “in-class” summer school you will need to use myblueprint.  Follow these instructions to register.   The deadline for registrations is June 15th.  If you want more information on these programs, visit the  UGDSB Continuing Education website.


​More traditional “asynchronous” (not at the same time) online summer school opportunities are also available.  Similar to in-class summer school, these classes run from June 30 to July 24th.  For these classes, however, you do not have to be available between 8:30 and 2:45.  The course content can be accessed anytime during the weekdays and weekends.  No matter when you access you will need to login in regularly and if you do not you may be removed from the course.   As well, you will need to put in the equivalent of 6 hours per day of school work during weekdays  – just as if you were in school.  This doesn’t mean you need to be on the computer for 6 hours, but that you are working on the course.  The difference is that you can do that work or log in whenever it works for you.   There are some August offerings with another school board but courses are limited.  These are 4-week classes, there are no 2-week upgrades offered.

NOTE:  If you are interested in an online course this summer, you have to register with a guidance counsellor.  Please contact Ms St Jean, Ms Camplogongo, Mr Oke, Ms. Frielink (ESL/International Students), Ms. Bailey (Resource Students) or myself to register.