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If you are applying to College via OCAS (Ontario College Application Service) then the transcript is requested automatically as part of your OCAS application.  Please make sure to indicate on the application the correct name of the last high school you attended in Ontario.   If you do not know your OEN/student number, please type zeros in that field and make sure you have your date of birth entered correctly and include any aliases that you might have used when you attended high school.

Please be advised that if you attended John F. Ross prior to 1986, it will take a few business days to prepare a transcript for you.  Prior to 1986 records were not databased and these student records are archived.  They have to be requested from storage and transcribed manually.  Please take processing time into consideration when ordering a transcript.

Official transcripts may be ordered by downloading and completing the form and sending it via email to edwi[email protected] or fax the completed form to 519.822.3977

Please fill out the attached request for transcript form and return it, along with 2 pieces(copies) of photo ID, & where/how you would like it sent.  I can process the request for you and deliver to the method of choice.   Form:

Request For Transcript Revised

Transcripts are $20.00 for the first transcript or replacement diploma (only one replacement diploma can be ordered, multiple transcript prints can be ordered) and $5.00 for each additional printed transcript.  A PDF of the document(s) can be requested at no additional cost HOWEVER: it must be requested on the form in the “mail to” section by putting your email address in that section along with the postal address for the hardcopy print.

To pay online please follow this link:

***If you plan to pick up the transcripts at the school, payment would have to be in Cash and identification shown on pick-up.   If you want someone to pick up on your behalf, please inform Ms. Bennett of this intention and provide the name of the person who is picking up on your behalf, and provide them with a signed letter authorizing us to release your transcripts to this person.