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Physical and Health Education

Welcome to the world of Healthy Active Living. Our department’s philosophy is to combine FITNESS with FUN!!!  During your time in class, you will get to participate in a wide variety of activities that will get your heart pumping including: soccer, football, softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and many low organizational games.


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Physical Education Dress code:

  1.  Gym clothes must be worn to each class.  This should consist of a T-shirt and shorts in school colours, sweat socks, and running shoes that are tied up tightly, with good treads and arch supports.  Shoes must be appropriate for physical activity.  Students who are not properly prepared may not be able to participate.  Clothing is available for purchase from the Norwell Java Junction. Prices are $10.00 for a t-shirt and $18.00 for shorts. Students may purchase their own clothing elsewhere but it must fit our clothing requirements. 
  2.  If disaster should befall your attire and it is not available for class, report immediately at the beginning of class to your teacher who may lend you one.  This must be returned at the end of class.  It is a good idea to keep an extra T-shirt and shorts in your locker to avoid the loss of participation marks.
  3.  Sweat suits may be worn for outdoor activities, when the weather is cool.  However, they are too hot to wear continually indoors and are not a substitute for your regular uniform.
  4.  Please do not wear your gym shoes all day.  They collect dirt, ruin the floors, and become dangerously slippery.  If the soles do become dirty, please take a minute to wash them off.
  5.  Please note that wearing jewelry in some activities can be dangerous.  Students should take responsibility for safety in the classroom.