How can I get involved?

PIC is always recruiting interested parents who are willing to make commitment to the Committee. If you have School Council experience (bit, some or a lot, PIC wants you! If not, this could be a great Committee to gain hands-on experience and valuable skills.

The Committee Structure

Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Prepare agenda in consultation with Director of Education
  • Chair PIC Meeting
  • Participate in Board initiatives as the representative of Parents
  • Oversee & Lead Initiatives and activities
  • Responsible for overseeing executive and ultimately responsible to assume roles that are not filled on the executive.
  • Responsible to lead the vision and planning of annual activities and budgets

Vice-Chair – Optional

  • Assumes duties of the Chair in his/her absence
  • Assist Chair in executing responsibilities
  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment


  • Record Minutes at the Meetings and Distribute to Committee
  • Responsible for Coordinating the Agenda with Chair and deployment
  • Assist the Communications Coordinator when needed
  • Communicate meeting schedule and attendance to all members
  • Track committee attendance


  • Prepare a Preliminary Budget with executive and administration for the first meeting
  • Responsible for providing “Revenue” project results to Committee
  • Responsible for monthly presentations outlining spend and revenue forecasting
  • Responsible to collect and submit expenses to UGDSB Administration
  • prepare annual report for Committee

Communication Coordinator

  • Responsible for PIC Monthly Newsletter coordination
  • Responsible for development and execution of all Committee Correspondence
  • Responsible for Web Communication & Updates
  • Responsible for Communication to School Councils