School Council Input – Principal Leadership

From: Matt McCutcheon, Superintendent of Education

To: School Council Chairs, Elementary and Secondary Principals

To ensure that the Superintendents of Education have your School Council’s input in regard to the desired qualities you would want to see in the event a principal transfer was to happen at your school, I would ask that your School Council complete the following form. Please consider the specific needs of your broader school community when completing the form.    This information will be reviewed when decisions about principal transfers and appointments are made for September and throughout the school year.

You may wish to consider prioritizing qualities, or select 5-6 qualities as your overall priorities.  The Ministry resource document “School Councils: A Guide for Members, 2001″  may assist you with the completion of the form.

Your support in completing this information in collaboration with members of the School Council and returning it to your Superintendent of Education by April 30th is appreciated.

[Download Input Form for Principal Leadership (PDF)]