$500 Annual Fund Memo

Please be advised that the School Council funding will be appearing in your school’s budget under 15-4150 for distribution to your Council.

One of the following steps should be occurring at the school level following expenditure of this money:

  1. Invoice(s) or expenses may be charged to 15-4150-x-000-xxx. If the invoice exceeds $500, the school budget would absorb the remaining cost.
  2. The school may charge Council expenditures to a school budget line such as printing. Staff must then process a journal entry to debit the 15-4150 budget line in order to off-set the cost. This is not the preferred method. It would be better to charge the expenditure to the School Council budget line initially.
  3. If a cheque requisition or expense reimbursement is issued, be sure to attach back-up documentation and forward to accounts payable, debiting budget code 15-4150-x-000-xxx

In summary, the $500 funding should not be left sitting in the school’s 15-4150-x-000-xxx budget line at year end.

The reporting template for these funds can be found in Sharepoint (use the search words “$500 Memo” or “$500 Report”), or on the PIC website at www.ugdsb.ca/pic.  Feel free to be imaginative, as long as the money is used for parent engagement initiatives. You must submit the report to Matt McCutcheon, Superintendent of Education, not later than June 1st, 2024.

All School Council School Based Funding must be spent by June 30, 2024 or the funds must be released to the Board, as per Ministry direction.


[View Memo in Printable Version (PDF)]

[School Based Funding $500 Report Form (PDF)]

[Parent Engagement Resources (Bilingual) (PDF)]

[10 Ideas .. How to use the $500 Parent Involvement Funds (PDF)]