PIC Meeting Minutes – Feb 2021

Those present: Kumudinie Kariyapperuma (Co-chair), Gillian Prieur (Co-chair), Brent McDonald (Superintendent), Debbie Bush (Secretary), Martha MacNeil (Trustee), Jason Boyce (Principal representative for  elementary), Jennifer Edwards (Trustee), Tara Dean-Whitt (Treasurer), Heather Pierce  (Principal representative for secondary), Tracey McFarlane, Anita MacFarlane (Food and Friends Program), Martha Rogers (Director of Education), Rachel Albanese, Mahrukh Syed, Mike Foley (Trustee), Jolly Bedi (Trustee), Maureen Oesch (Equity rep)

Treaty acknowledgement 

Approval of agenda: Motion by Tracey McFarlane to accept the agenda. Seconded by Anita MacFarlane

Approval of minutes: Motion by Heather Pierce to accept the minutes. Seconded by Tara Dean-Whitt

Board and Ministry Report

Brent McDonald shared information.

  • Please contact Brent ([email protected])  if you are interested in receiving information from PIC and being on the distribution list.
  • Appreciate the feedback re changes in schools. No more changes in secondary they are committing to their next two classes
  • In Elementary: continue to use waitlist review and doing switches at the end of the month
  • Brick to online seems to be a smooth transition vs the online to bricks related to space
  • April 1st will be the deadline for switches with flexibility related to individual circumstances
  • Mahrukh asked about whether it was known if online would be an option in September 2021: UGDSB is looking at models that may keep online learning however depends on the Ministry of Education recommendations and funding
  • Report shared about updated numbers with a decrease in COVID-19 cases keeping in mind many students on online learning
  • All staff verifying self-screen with all students
  • Rapid Asymptomatic Testing – Plan currently being developed by WDGPH
  • Additional Masks for students – not here yet to be used as backups
  • March break postponed to April 12-16
  • Public Health Updates: New Isolation Requirements can be found on the WDGPH websites
  • EQAO: Grade 3 & 6 is cancelled this year.
  • Grade 9 EQAO pilot test at one Secondary school online in March
  • Grade 10 OSSLT spring window to offer options for students to test the new online OSSLT – this will count if students pass
  • There are links on UGDSB website for more information

Martha Rogers shared information.

  • Call today with the Ministry – trafficking awareness day – policy being developed at the Ministry level
  • COVID-19 rapid testing: 5% weekly basis at our schools, the vendor capacity and UGDSB learning more
  • New policy for hiring was released, now based more on qualification and merit vs seniority – March/April new UGDSB board policy
  • The Ministry of Education wants to learn more from school and parents – so it is unclear what the next school will look like related to Online learning opportunities.
  • Ministry Education was not aware of the beeping bracelets and said they will not be investing in such related to distancing for students

Trustee Report

  • Weekly meeting with the Minister of Education, Board Chairs, Trustee since COVID-19 and has been helpful
  • Maureen asked if the consulting firm hired to support finding the next Director of Education are still taking feedback, Brent has the email where questions or comments can be shared

Treasurer’s Report

  • 20 660.81 Opening Balance of September 2020
  • Dr Hanley-Dafoe 3 750.00 x2
  • The books and resources for parents have not come out of the budget yet, nor have the honorariums for the speakers of the first break out sessions.

Chairs’ Report – PRO Grant Priorities and Planning for 2020/2021

  • Review of the Event 1 – Navigating Pathways and Understanding New Curriculum Expectations – Jan 28 @ 6:30
  • 300+ registrants; 160+ attendees
  • Keynote and four breakout sessions: JK/SK; Gr 8-9 Transitions; Transitions to University (PIC volunteer Monica); and Transitions to College Apprentices
  • Feedback from 25 attendees: 85% indicated that they learned new, beneficial information to their child’s learning and/or well-being; more than 85% agreed that the event helped have an increased awareness of the mathematics curriculum.
  • Feedback on technical aspects of the event will be used to improve our next two events
  • Event 2 – Parenting for Student Success During a Pandemic – Mar 4 @ 6:30 am
  •  260 registrations
  • Participants will be able to ask questions using the chat feature during the keynote presentation. The questions will be discussed/answered during the keynote or at the end of the presentation as the presenter chooses
  • Two breakout sessions will be livestreamed at the same time allowing us to manage a large audience while enabling live Q&A
  • A brief description to the breakout session contents will be circulated shortly
  • Need volunteers for the breakout sessions – introduce and thank you
  • Event 3 – Navigating Special Education in the UGDSB – Apr 8 -details to follow – an agenda that looks roughly like below:
    • Introduction (15 min) – Special Education staff will do a brief intro to the evening sessions and run through options for breakouts
    • Break (10 min) – to allow for everyone to find their breakout and be let into the meeting.   We anticipate roughly 5 options for sessions
    • Breakout Sessions (1 hour) – these will look similar in format and have roughly 45 min of a presentation followed by 15 min of Q and A
    • Could pick two of the sessions: Supporting Newcomer Families & students; Supporting successful Student transitions for students with special education needs; Individual Education plans-supports for students with special education needs; Pyramid of intervention-systems and teams in place to support students who struggles; Community connections and partners-supports for students and families
  • Co-chair/s will attend the Conversation with PIC Chairs and School Board Leads, organized by the Ministry of Education on Feb 24 – stay tuned for the update at the next PIC meeting
  • Suggestion from Maureen to involve parents who have a lot of experience with the various topics
    • Question about Equity Lead involvement
  • Advertisements for the two presentation – Equity Superintendent has engaged community contacts to support material translation and advertising

New and Other Business

  • Help Kids Live Free from Hunger Campaign (to support food & friends program) kick off March 5th. Our goal is to provide 30 000 meals to local children and youth in 30days
  • Kumudinie shared: If anyone is interested, the Strong Kids Strong Minds Psychology Canada organization greatly appreciates receiving feedback from parents and families.Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SASMNA. Please also feel free to share the survey link with parent/caregiver who is interested in providing feedback. Strong Kids Strong Minds Psychology Canada Program: Make the Connection®: puts researched information into down to earth messages and activities which can be used with parents to help
  • Equity PIC rep: Maureen – a lot of great suggestions focused on community and community agencies. Working on action items – walking the walk.
  • School Council at King George: “Elevation, disruption, implementation” welcoming spirit at the school. 3 sessions that are 3 hours to take time to reflect. Looking at walking the walk with Kevin Sutton, Guelph Neighborhood Support Coalition will be heading the event. Hoping it is the start of something bigger to expand in other schools and areas.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.

The next meeting will be on Monday, March 29, 2021 at 7:00 PM – location online


Virtual Parent Engagement Presentation – April 8, 2021

April 8, 2021 – 6:30-8:30pm

Navigating Special Education

Topics include:

  • Supporting Newcomer Families and Students
  • Supporting Successful student Transitions for Students with Special Education Needs
  • Individual Education Plans-Supports for Students with Special Education Needs
  • Pyramid of Intervention-Systems and Teams in Place to Support Students who struggle
  • Community Connections and Partners-Supports for Students and Families

Sign up URL

Poster Special Education

PIC Meeting Minutes – Jan 25, 2021

Those present: Kumudinie Kariyapperuma (Co-chair), Gillian Prieur (Co-chair), Brent McDonald (Superintendent), Jennifer Edwards (Trustee), Mike Foley (Trustee), Tara Dean-Whitt (Treasurer), Jason Boyce (Principal representative for elementary), Martha Rogers (Director of Education), Debbie Bush (Secretary), Martha MacNeil (Trustee), Heather Pierce (Principal representative for secondary), Anita MacFarlane (Food and Friends Program), Tina Coates, Amanda Dawson, Jeff Bennett, Leo Song, Maureen Oesch (Equity rep), Jackson Smith, Martha Turner, Jessica Robbins (Communications officer), , Karen Kennedy,  Lisa Thompson, Colette Bayani, Christy Evangelista, Jacquie Corley, Jen Tulloch, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Monica Gabriela Cojocaru, Sarah Ward, Jessica Meyers, Tracey King-McFarlane

Presenter: Jenny Marino sent regrets

Approval of agenda: Motion by Maureen to accept the agenda. Seconded by Amanda

Approval of minutes:  Motion by Jeff Bennett  to accept the minutes.  Seconded by Tara Dean-Whitt

Guest: Jenny Marino – Mental Health Lead

Mental Health and Well-Being Feedback

  • She sent regrets, Brent shared her information on her behalf
  • She wanted to get input from parents. She has requested a quick survey be filled out. She will be looking at the survey on Friday. The link was sent out to PIC parents and welcome it be shared with counsels

Board and Ministry Report

Brent McDonald shared information.

  • Re-Entry Timelines – Secondary re-entry survey closed 2 weeks ago, about the same; Smaller than other school boards online; Elementary waitlist, loud and clear to have consistency and stability. Instead of a full survey, switch to a monthly waitlist to review. If space then switch, if enough come up will bring on an occasional teacher. Asynchronous program if they are waiting and can’t attend in person school. Input was appreciated.
  • Update to Trustee: cases of COVID-19 in schools in the board
  • Numbers shared of the changes of students in school.
  • Next window to consider a return to school in-person is Feb 10.
  • Additional measures to include confirmation of daily COVID screening. Protocols of active screening to enter the schools.
  • Report cards: 2 day delay for teachers and out to families in Elementary
  • February coming: Black heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures; Language is important. Committed to training for staff
  • Website has plenty of information
  • Report cards are from the Ministry of Education unchanged.
  • Report cards emailed or mailed out.
  • Data similar in secondary for online and in-school. As the school board moves forward, continue to monitor changes. School board is aware that there may need to be more resources to support students who are struggling.

Martha Rogers shared information.

  • Ministry talked about the school boards in the hot spots not open before February 10th. It remains unclear when the UGDSB school will open. Community must wait for writing from the province on the return.

Trustee Report

  • Appreciated input on the search for Director of Education position.
  • COVID-19 report was spoken about earlier.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Ministry PIC PRO Grant still at $20 000 the PIC budget is sitting at $8000. We will see expenses come off of this for next month’s report
  • Costs associated with speakers, so the remainder is going to resources for families. De-streaming of Math, math parenting resource has been put together for schools – will be sent to school councils.

Chairs’ Report – PRO Grant Priorities and Planning for 2020/2021

  • PRO Grant Funding
    • 3 virtual events first on January 28, 2021 – up to 300 participants; Keynote and four break out sessions
    • Need parent volunteers or a couple of the breakouts to introduce the speaker and thank them. Please reach out to Brent, if you are able to help.
    • March 4th 2021, Dr R Hanley-Dafoe
    • Navigating special education April 8, 2021
    • Strong Minds Strong Kids Psychology Canada Parent and Caregiver Advisory Committee membership: Recently including parents in an advisory councill

New and Other Business

  • Ask about using Robo call for the three sessions. January 28th, 2021 is capped at 300. It is a consideration in future if attendance is low. Some school communities appreciate it, others do not.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM.

The next meeting will be on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM – location online

PIC Meeting Minutes – November 2020

Those present: Kumudinie Kariyapperuma (Co-chair), Gillian Prieur (Co-chair), Brent McDonald (Superintendent), Jason
Boyce (Principal representative for elementary), Heather Pierce (Principal representative for secondary), Martha MacNeil (Trustee), Jennifer Edwards (Trustee), Martha Rogers (Director of Education), Debbie Bush (Secretary), Maureen Oesch (Equity rep), Jessica Robbins (Communications officer), Anita MacFarlane, Tina Coates, Tara Dean-Whitt, Karen Kennedy, Jeff Bennett, Lisa Thompson, Colette Bayani, Christy Evangelista, Jacquie Corley, Jen Tulloch, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Monica Gabriela Cojocaru, Sarah Ward, Jessica Meyers, Tracey King-McFarlane

Approval of agenda:.
Approval of minutes:
Board and Ministry Report
Trustee Report
Treasurer’s Report
Chairs’ Report – PRO Grant Priorities and Planning for 2020/2021
New and Other Business
The next meeting will be on Monday, January 25th at 6:45 PM – location TBD