French Immersion

What is French-language education in Ontario?

  • In Ontario, four school systems are publicly funded: the French public system, the French Catholic system, the English public system and the English Catholic system.
  • There are twelve French-language school boards in Ontario, with over 425 French-language schools.
  • In these schools the curriculum is taught exclusively in French, with the exception of English language courses. French-language schools in Ontario have a mandate to protect, enhance and transmit the French language and culture.
  • French-language education serves students whose parents are “French-language rights-holders“, according to section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Francophone students are achieving above the provincial standard in reading, writing and math.
  • French in English-language schools: Because French is one of Canada’s two official languages, students in Ontario’s publicly funded English-language schools are required to study French. Find out more about options and requirements for studying French in English-Language Schools.

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