If School Council members are acting as Board volunteers, they are covered by the Board’s liability insurance as long as they are acting within the scope of their mandated duties for the Board. However, it is recommended School Councils purchase their own liability insurance for activities they conduct which are not approved and directed by the Principal.

Some examples of events that school councils organize which may not be under the direct control of the Board and, therefore, not covered by the Board’s insurance are:

  • Some fundraising activities
  • Home coming class reunions
  • Santa Claus parades / floats

Does School Council Need Insurance?

Over the school year I get many inquiries in regard to whether School Council Insurance is required. There are a few thinks for you to consider …

First determine whose event it is.

“School Endorsed Events” are events that are under the care and control of the Principal (or designate board employee). School council can help with the planning, but the Principal (or board employee designate) need to oversee the event to ensure it complies with Board policies and procedures and the Principal (or designate) need to attend the event to oversee supervision. School endorsed events do not require School Council Insurance. Board employees and volunteers are covered under the Board’s liability policy while working within the scope of their assigned duties.

“School Council events” are events not endorsed by the school (some examples might include: table at a market, dinner/dance fundraiser off site, fundraising activities, home coming class reunions, Santa Claus parades/floats, etc.). Principals would include in their communication with the community that the event is a school council event and that there will be no school supervision. The school does not advertise the event nor does council use school or board logo in advertising. If the event is after school hours and at the school, a Community Use Permit is required (to be completed by school council and in school council’s name). School Council should vote on activities they wish to take on and it should be recorded in School Council meeting minutes. School Council insurance should be purchased for non-school endorsed events and it can be used with their CU application.

For more information or clarification on this, please see Memo – to schools (School Council Insurance & PAL)