If School Council members are acting as Board volunteers, they are covered by the Board’s liability insurance as long as they are acting within the scope of their mandated duties for the Board. However, it is recommended School Councils purchase their own liability insurance for activities they conduct which are not approved and directed by the Principal.

Some examples of events that school councils organize which may not be under the direct control of the Board and, therefore, not covered by the Board’s insurance are:

  • Some fundraising activities
  • Home coming class reunions
  • Santa Claus parades / floats

OSBIE’s insurer is continuing to provide School Council Insurance at affordable rates. Rates are the same as last year. Please see below


School Council Insurance – OSBIE Insurer’s Coverage

General Liability $2mil
Directors/Officers Liability $1mil
Volunteers Covered Yes
Non-Owned Automobile Yes
Term Nov. 1/21 to Oct 31/22
Cost $140 + 8%PST = $151.20


For more information or clarification on this, please see Memo – to schools (School Council Insurance & PAL)