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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student is away for the entire day?

If your student is going to be away for the day or for just one period, please call the school’s attendance line at 519-938-9355 ext. 242 and leave us a message. Please include your students name and reason for absence.

What if my student has to leave midday?

Please notify the school office and send a note for your child’s teacher. The student is required to sign themselves out at the office when they leave and sign back in if they return the same day.

What happens on a NO BUS Day?

Schools are open and staff is in attendance on no bus days. Classes do not run as scheduled; however, it is an excellent opportunity to seek extra help or catch up on assignments. Inclement weather information is available at

What’s happening at Westside today?

Daily announcements are read first thing in the morning, then posted on the schools TV, which can be seen on each floor of the school.

How can my student get involved at Westside?

Co-curricular activities are open to every student at Westside and include programs, teams and special events such as…Intramurals, Basketball, Art Club, Volleyball, Jazz Concert, Track & Field, Yearbook, White Pine reading, Breast Cancer Fundraiser and more!

Other Questions about Westside?

Student services, WSS office staff and WSS teachers are always available to answer any other questions you may have about your students educational needs 519-938-9355

My student needs a bus…I think…What do I do?

Bussing information can be found at or call 519-824-4119 – Information includes:

General Updates

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