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Ontario Safe Schools Act

As of September 1, 2001, Safe Schools initiatives are in effect in all schools of the Province. The Ministry of Education has directed school boards to develop policies which set out the way in which schools and boards will implement and enforce the Safe Schools Act. It is important for parents and students and the school community to be aware of the expectations and processes involved in implementing the various parts of the Safe Schools Act. It is even more important for students and their parents to understand that there are consequences for breaches of both the Provincial Code of Conduct and the Board’s Code of Conduct that can result in suspensions and expulsions from school. We encourage parents and students to download and read the Ontario Safe Schools Act.

Student Safety— Lockdown Drills

In the interest of student safety, the Upper Grand District School Board has directed all schools to conduct at least one Lockdown drill each school year. A Lockdown is used when it is suspected that an intruder has entered the school and poses a threat to the safety of our students and staff. Detailed procedures have been developed in conjunction with our local police services and proved to all schools as part of our emergency procedures manual. In a Lockdown, students and staff are directed to secure areas where doors can be locked and the students are kept out of sight (such as classrooms and portables). No one may leave their secure area until they receive an “all clear” from the authorities. In planning to do a drill, we can ask the local police to monitor and assist us, and we will also hold one if we are asked to do so by the local police. Before a drill is held we will inform our school council and give advance notification of the date and the time to our parent community. Students and staff will be instructed on what they are to do when a drill is held. Lockdown drills will become familiar to students just like fire and tornado drills which we are also required to do every year. Some schools have already held Lockdown drills and report that the students understand and follow the directions provided by school staff. If you have any questions, or concerns about Lockdown drills, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Recording School Events & Privacy

Personally recording school events and then subsequent public posting of those recordings on social networks like Facebook or You Tube is not respectful of the privacy rights of all those parents, staff and particularily students whose images they share without their knowledge.  Please do not share any recording on any social networks.  Thank You!