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Technological Education

Grade Code Course Outline Enhancement Fee
General Tech
9 TIJ1O Exploring Technologies TIJ1O Course Outline No
Communications Technology
10 TGJ2O Communications Technology TGJ2O Course Outline Yes
11 TGJ3M Communications Technology – University/College TGJ3M Course Outline Yes
12 TGJ4M Communications Technology – University/College TGJ4M Course Outline Yes
Construction Technology
10 TCJ2O Construction Technology No
11 TCJ3C Construction Engineering Technology – College TCJ3C Course Outline No
12 TCJ4C Construction Engineering Technology – College TCJ4C Course Outline No
Hairstyling and Aesthetics
10 TXJ2O Hairstyling and Aesthetics TXJ2O Course Outline Yes
TXJ3E Hairstyling and Aesthetics – Workplace TXJ3E Course Outline Yes
12 TXJ4E Hairstyling and Aesthetics – Workplace TXJ4E Course Outline Yes
Hospitality and Tourism
9 TFJ1O Hospitality and Tourism Technology TFJ10 Course Outline Yes
10 TFJ2O Hospitality and Tourism Technology TFJ20 Course Outline Yes
11 TFJ3C Hospitality and Tourism – College TFJ3C_E Course Outline Yes
11 TFJ3E Hospitality and Tourism – Workplace TFJ3C_E Course Outline Yes
11 TFJ3C2 Hospitality and Tourism – Baking – College Yes
12 TFJ4C Hospitality and Tourism – College TFJ4C_E Course Outline Yes
12 TFJ4E Hospitality and Tourism – Workplace TFJ4C_E Course Outline Yes
12 TFJ4C2 Hospitality and Tourism – Baking – College Yes
Transportation Technology
10 TTJ2O Transportation Technology TTJ2O Course Outline No
11 TTJ3C Transportation – College TTJ3C Course Outline No
12 TTJ4C1/2 Transportation Technology – College (1 or 2 credit) TTJ4C Course Outline No