Information for Parents

The information below holds the key to having a meaningful discussion with your teen about their career and education pathway.

Teen Talking Points

Students who enroll in the Specialist High Major (SHSM) Program have unique opportunities to:

  • Customize their secondary school education to suit their interests and talents;
  • Earn sector recognized certification;
  • “Reach Ahead” opportunities and experiences in the area of the student’s postsecondary destination of choice;
  • Access resources, equipment, and expertise that may not be available in their secondary school;
  • Network with potential employers

How it Works

Students select a bundle of eight to ten Grade 11 and Grade 12 required credits which are:

  • identified in a provincial framework focussed on sector-specific knowledge and skills;
  • valued by employers and postsecondary educational institutions;
  • planned in a pathway that leads to a specific destination;
  • designed with flexibility to allow students to shift between destinations (e.g., switch from a pathway leading to college to an apprenticeship pathway) or discontinue the SHSM specialization should career plans change in grades 11 or 12;
  • documented to provide evidence of achievement for prospective employers (e.g., sector recognized certifications, essential skills and work habits) and postsecondary educational institutions (e.g., credits).

Participating Schools

Find the Upper Grand District School Board participating schools and which specializations they offer here. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about each school on their websites.

Need help? Contact your son or daughter’s school Guidance Councellor or visit the contact information page on this site to find contacts who can help you discuss with this important decision with your teen.