Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Anthea Baker Canadian and World Studies
Annalee Carberry Mathematics
Ashley Huggins Social Sciences and Humanities
Andrea Kidnie Social Sciences and Humanities
Adrianne Knighton Technological Education
Andrea Roche Social Sciences and Humanities
Andrea Schneider EA/SPA LTO Unassigned, Ed Asst - Special Education
Anita Sealey Office Co-ordinator Secondary
Angela Snell Head/Lead, Social Sciences and Humanities
Amie Willoughby Vice Principal
Alexandra Zahnd Social Sciences and Humanities
Byron Boniface French as a Second Language
Bill Bulmer Child Youth Counsellor
Bradley Dixon Head/Lead, Science
Bill Harcourt Head/Lead, Technological Education
Benjamin McCabe Vice Principal
Barbara Muscat Arts
Brad Tarzwell Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Colleen Anstett Head/Lead, Arts, Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, English, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Social Sciences and Humanities, Student Success
Cathy Bergen Arts 344
Carolyn Borges French as a Second Language
Celina Kingshott Mathematics
Christopher MacDonald Canadian and World Studies
Corrine MacGillivary Librarian, Teacher
Claire McCusker Head/Lead, Co-op
Christopher Schmid Canadian and World Studies
Craig Snell Head/Lead, Mathematics
Courtney Turner Science
Christopher van Beurden Science
Carrie Warren Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Daniel Austin Arts
Douglas Buchanan Long Term Occasional Sec
Daniel Crabbe Head/Lead, Co-op
David Harvey English
David Kuleshnyk English
Dawn Nicholson Co-op
Dwight Shouldice Head/Lead, Arts
Darla Wells Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Evan Howie Social Sciences and Humanities
Fiona Robinson Science
Gerard Gouthro Head/Lead, Business Studies, Guidance and Career Education
Gary Robinson Science
Heather Buck Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science
Heather Doherty Social Sciences and Humanities
Ivy Holt Canadian and World Studies
Jack Bangay Science
Jeffrey Bersche Arts, Technological Education
James Cako Principal
John Dallan Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Jonathan Erickson Guidance and Career Education, Technological Education
Jenifer Forbes Admin Office Ass't Secondary
Jill Goodreau Head/Lead, Teacher, Teacher Guidance
Jamie Hocken Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource
John Mann Science
Jamie McBurney English
Julie Reed English
Joanne Robb Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Joanne Ryan Head/Lead, Science 339
Jeffrey Snoddy Mathematics
Jeff Weddig Vice Principal
Jordan Young English 430
Katherine Gekiere Canadian and World Studies 427
Karissa Lawrenson Guidance and Career Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Kelly McCullough Arts, English
Kerry Mullen Canadian and World Studies
Kelly Sergi Guidance and Career Education, Other, Sec Special Ed Resource 474
Kimberly Wilson Mathematics
Lindsay Ackroyd Health and Physical Education, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Lawrence Hansen Canadian and World Studies
Leslie Irons Science
Louise Kelly Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Lee Maggs Science
Laura Moisan Admin Office Ass't Secondary
Lyanne Oliver Ed Asst - Special Education
Lane Osborne Arts, Canadian and World Studies
Lisanne Petrin Mathematics
Leann Reynolds Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Lisa Stewart Head/Lead, Mathematics
Lisa Tarantino Admin Ass't Vice Principal 303
Mike Chaves Technological Education
Maria Hernandez Business Studies
Monique Klaassen Computer Studies
Marna Krete Head/Lead, English
Matthew Lyle Head/Lead, Technological Education 416
Michael Matchett Canadian and World Studies
Marsha McLean Guidance and Career Education, Social Sciences and Humanities
Mallory Tolcher Alternative Courses (non-credit)
Michelle Westermann English
Nicola Maggs Science
Naomi Popoca Classical and International Languages
Nicolas Waterfield Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education
Paul Carbone Head Caretaker-Secondary
Robert Brown Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Rebeccah Moran Mathematics
Rhiannon Rowan Mathematics
Rachna Sophat Long Term Occasional Sec
Stacey Barnes Ed Asst - Special Education
Suzan Bell Arts
Sarah Bolton Head/Lead, ESL
Sandi Bowland Science
Sebastian Conti Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies
Shannon Dore Admin Ass't Vice Principal 304
Steven Dow Health and Physical Education
Stephen Fleming Head/Lead, Business Studies
Scott Heasman Health and Physical Education
Sharla Lemelin Teacher
Susan Lodge Teacher
Stephanie McKay English, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Stephen Osterberg Canadian and World Studies
Sheila Rogers Mathematics
Sunniva Ronzio Guidance and Career Education
Sherie Viola Head/Lead, Classical and International Languages, English
Tyler Burton French as a Second Language
Trish Green Long Term Occasional Sec
Tekin Guroluk Technological Education 437
Tara Wilken Library Tech - Secondary
Urbino Chaves Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Veronica Brandt Moeskops Teacher
Wendy Martin Canadian and World Studies, English